Carrying the Ideal

TitelCarrying the Ideal
Typ der PublikationAudiovisual
Untertitel / SerientitelPeace Brigades International video
VerlagPeace Brigades International

Women human rights defenders in Dhanusha, a district in Nepal’s southern Terai region, are often subjected to threats and attacks due to their work. In the summer of 2010, Peace Brigades International, a non-governmental organization working for the protection of Nepalese human rights defenders since 2006, visited Dhanusha to profile their struggles, as well as to bring to light the special needs of women human rights defenders across Nepal. “Carrying the Ideal: Women Human Rights Defenders” documents the courageous and often dangerous work of women defenders carried out in a climate of impunity and injustice and in a social strata supportive of caste and gender discrimination. Video link

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