Being Muslim and Working for Peace: Ambivalence and Ambiguity in Gujarat

TitelBeing Muslim and Working for Peace: Ambivalence and Ambiguity in Gujarat
Typ der PublikationBook
AutorInnenSusewind, R
VerlagSage India

Muslim peace activists in post-conflict Gujarat experience the `ambivalence of the sacred' as a personal dynamic; as faith-based actors, secular technocrats, emancipated women and doubting professionals, they struggle for a better future in diverse and sometimes surprising ways. By taking their diversity seriously, the book sharpens the distinction between ambivalence and ambiguity, and provides fresh perspectives on religion and politics in India today. Four distinct ways of `being Muslim and working for peace' emerge. Ten years after Gujarat saw major anti-Muslim riots in 2002, this empirical typology illuminates an often overlooked diversity of Muslim civil society and Muslims in civil society. The manuscript challenges popular notions about Muslims in India, questions ill-conceived research designs in the sociology of religion and advances theoretical debates about the `ambivalence of the sacred' by differentiating ambivalence - a relation of either/or - from ambiguity - a relation of neither/nor. Above all, however, it portrays 21 exceptional individuals and their struggle for a better future. Raphael Susewind is a Doctoral candidate in Social Anthropology at the Universität Bielefeld and Associate of the Contemporary South Asia Studies Programme at the University of Oxford.

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