Advancing Conflict Transformation. The Berghof Handbook II

TitelAdvancing Conflict Transformation. The Berghof Handbook II
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelArticles now also available online
Series EditorAustin, B, Fischer, M, Giessmann, HJ
Anzahl Seiten560pp.
VerlagBarbara Budrich Publishers
StadtOpladen/Farmington Hills

Following the first volume of its Handbook for Conflict Transformation in 2004, the Berlin based Berghof Conflict Research presents Volume II. This edition collects new insights into nonviolent ways of managing inter-group conflict and what is needed for consolidating positive peace. The Berghof Handbook reflects the state of debate from a variety of disciplines, advancing discussions on the theory and practice of conflict transformation. Topics include, among others: global trends in organised violence, the role of gender relations and asymmetries in conflict, third-party intervention and insider approaches, human rights, transitional justice and reconciliation in post-war societies. It addresses all those who are interested and active in the fields of conflict prevention and management, development co-operation, human rights and post-war peacebuilding. The Handbook is designed for practitioners and scholars who seek ideas and information for their own work and wish to draw on the wealth of experience gathered by colleagues in a wide range of regions and contexts. The Handbook is further intended to inform experts in politics, journalists, teachers and students. All articles of the second print volume of the Berghof Handbook are also available online. Contributors:John Paul Lederach, Beatrix Austin, Tara Cooper, Sebastian Merz & Mila Shah, Louis Kriesberg, Christopher R. Mitchell, Norbert Ropers, Cilja Harders, Ronald J. Fisher, Hans J. Giessmann & Oliver Wils, Véronique Dudouet, Nenad Vukosavljevic, Martina Fischer, Susan L. Woodward, Herbert Wulf, Luc Zandvliet, Michelle Parlevliet, Volker Böge, Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church, Reina C. Neufeldt, Diana Francis Kosten: 49,90€

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